Sew An Adjustable Apron

A tutorial to create this apron from measurements. No pattern is included.

This tutorial uses one yard of fabric, 45″ wide.

Cut 2.5″ from the side and bottom, as shown below.

For this tutorial, I cut the bib about 10″ wide, and the side/back 11″ lower than the bib. With a piece of chalk, I carefully measured the bib and depth of the side. When I had a shape that worked for this apron, I cut the corner from the fabric piece.

Place the corner piece on top of the apron with an overlap of about 2″. Cut the corner piece again, to create the bib facing. This is the piece that will hold the strap in place.

With the little piece that’s left over, create a pocket. Fold the piece in half and trim to make symmetrical. Cut 2 identical pieces out of a lining fabric.

Fold down the ends of the facings and stitch into place, or use an overlock machine to make the ends of the facings pretty.

With right sides together, sew the facings into the armholes.

On the wrong side of the apron, fold in the bib top, sides and bottom of the apron. Fold in to match the edge of the facings, as shown below.

Sew the facings into place.

Create the strap by sewing the short strips to the ends of the long strip.

Fold in the long sides of the strap about 1/4″ and press well, using starch (if available).

Fold the strap in half and sew together the open end.

Thread the strap into the apron. Tie knots in the ends of the strap, if desired.

With right sides facing, sew the pointed end of the pocket.

Turn the pocket right side out and press well. Turn the top of the pocket into itself as shown below, and sew shut.

Position the pockets on the front to your liking and sew into place. On both sides of the pocket’s opening, stitch in a “Y” shape to prevent the pocket from overly drooping.

For the one I wear while sewing, I added a bib pocket with sections for pens, glasses and phone.


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