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When I tell people I wanted to be a Home Ec teacher (I was actually a History and Government Teacher), they ask me, “WHY?”

“That’s so out of date,” They tell me… as though I had become adapted to our quick service, disposable society filled with planned obsolescence and keeping up with the Jones’ credit card bills.

I never really got that kind of lifestyle and always embraced the idea of being frugal, upcycling, and making from scratch. There is just something special about a handmade gift, or homegrown vegetable.

It was my good fortune to be raised with the help of Depression Era grandparents and contributions of the Mormon church that taught me how to live a sustainable life with little to no money in my pocket. I was exposed to frugality from a young age and learned all about making and reusing things as much as possible.

Although I am now and empty-nester, I was a very young single mother, without a family support system. It was necessary to make a dollar stretch beyond comprehension. Saving money, or doing something self-sufficient, exhilarated me! I wasn’t upset that I didn’t have money to buy holiday presents; I felt blessed to have the skills to barter for resources to make gifts that were uniquely from me. While not everyone likes that kind of thing, it worked pretty good for me and my only child.

I utilized the resources I had on hand to cook nutritious food on a budget and sew/mend clothing to get more wear. Even when I didn’t have a yard, I grew food in pots and bought produce on sale to preserve for the future. Over the years, prices have risen and fallen, but I have never gone hungry. It hasn’t always been the ideal, but I learned so much about being self-reliant in the process and learned to be happy with whatever I had.

I hope to share these hacks and ideas with you here! Everything from sewing and cooking on a budget, to gardening and preserving tips.

Thanks for all your support and I hope you like my content. Be sure to check out my YouTube Page for fun video tutorials!


The Home Ec Lady

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