Baby/Doll Mitts

Get the pattern here. See the video here.


You will need fabric of your choice and elastic (1/4-1/2″ wide). This pattern is very forgiving and will work with whatever fabric and seam allowance you choose. For this project, I used one fat quarter and made one pair actual size, and one pair 80%. There was still enough left over to make another smaller pair. In the making of this pattern, I tested with both flannel and cotton, which worked well. It may work well with a thin fleece, as well. Getting the elastic in would be the most difficult part, when using fleece.

The document is available here, as a google link. Download to your computer as a PDF to manipulate the size of the pattern. When printed actual size, this mitten will fit nicely on my 21″ doll. When printed 80%, it fit well on my 10″ doll. I played around with the settings and made a bunch of different sizes. The only thing that needed to be adjusted was the wrist area; adding length allowed for a secure placement of the elastic casing.

Sew it up

With right sides facing, sew a seam with your chosen seam allowance on the side of the mitt without the notch. Sew only to where the black dot is indicated on the pattern.

Fold up the bottom of the mitt where the notch is located, with wrong sides facing. Press into place.

Sew the bottom of the mitt, once along the raw edge. Sew another line parallel to the one just sewn, allowing enough space in between for the elastic to be inserted. See the picture below.

Fold the mitt in half with right sides facing and sew the area as shown in the picture below. Do not sew the casing closed.

Measure your baby/doll’s wrist and cut elastic accordingly. Insert the elastic into the casing and secure with pins on both sides. Sew mitt closed and backstitch over the elastic to secure firmly.

Turn right side out.

Happy Sewing! Enjoy!!


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