Easy Doll Jacket

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

The Basics:

The amount of fabric required will depend on the size of jacket made. Printed actual size (17″ doll), the pattern will require 3/8 yard. For making smaller sizes, a fat quarter is more than adequate.

This pattern is one size that is adjustable. See these instructions for sizing the pattern in one step. It’s easy!

Sewing the Jacket:

Sew the sleeves to the back of the jacket, matching notches.

Sew the front facings to the front.

Attach the sleeves to the front pieces.

Press up the required hem on the sleeves (measure for best results) and sew as desired.

Fold up the appropriate size hem on the sleeve and stitch.

Sew the sides of the jacket.

Sew the back of the hood.

Fold up the face side of the hood and make a hem.

Match the seam on the hood with the back of the jacket as shown. With right sides facing, sew the hood to the jacket. Place the facing as shown, with the hood in between.

Fold up and press a hem on the bottom of the jacket. Measure for proper fit and trim as necessary for your project. Sew in the hem as desired.

Apply closures to the front. For this pattern, buttons can be sewn to the front placket, or snaps can be applied. A zipper can be installed, but it is not recommended for this pattern.

Happy Sewing!

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