Tiny Capelet Sewing Tutorial

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

The Basics:

This pattern requires very little fabric. I made all six capelets in the picture above with a fleece throw that I got on sale at the thrift store for $2. What a deal! If you plan to buy fabric for this project, I suggest printing the size you will be making (assemble if necessary) and taking the pattern to purchase the fabric. Depending on the size, 1/4 to 3/8 yard is a good guesstimate. I highly recommend upcycling materials!

The cape on the left was made from the cover of a throw pillow (that I deconstructed for stuffing) and the one on the right was an old pillowcase.

Although this pattern worked well with flannel and upholstery fabric, I strongly suggest using fleece. It is especially forgiving around the curved hems.

You will need some type of closure for the neck. On the fleece capelets, I used hooks and eyes. For the tutorial I used ribbon. Cording, lace, buttons (with elastic loops) and fancy brooches would also work very well.

Print and cut the pattern:

Use the chart to only print the pages necessary for your project.

Print the pattern actual size for similar measurements to the chart. For instructions to do this, and adjust the size of the pattern, see this link. Cut the pattern along the solid black lines. The larger sizes will require some assembly at the shaded areas. The hash lines will mostly match when the pieces are properly placed.


Fold the hood piece in half and sew the edge with the double notches that match.

Fold the hood so the notches in the cut out area are facing each other. The notches will not necessary match up, they are a guide more than an exact science. Sew this area closed as shown below.

Lay the front pieces on the back piece with right sides facing and sew the sides.

Unfold and prepare to attach hood.

With right sides facing, begin sewing hood to cape at flat part of hood. Sew the straight edge, then pivot in the machine to continue sewing. Pivot again at the other end to accommodate the flat edge. If you are using fleece, don’t fuss over it too much because it won’t likely show if it isn’t perfect.

Fold in all of the raw edges and sew with your preference depth of hem. If you are using fleece, the rounded edges are super simple to sew up. If you are using a stiffer fabric, press them down with a steamy iron before sewing.

Attach your choice of closure. In this tutorial, I used a length of ribbon. For the fleece capelets pictured, I used hook and eye closures. Your capelet, your choice!

That’s It! Super simple and forgiving for even the most beginner of sewists. If you have some advanced skills, this pattern is lovely when it is lined… you could even make a little muff to go with it out of the extra fabric. Let your imagination go wild with trims and embellishments. Have fun and Happy Sewing!

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