Adjusting A Digital Pattern

How to adjust the size of a digital pattern to suit your needs. It’s easy!

One of the most frequent inquiries I get about digital patterns is how to adjust the size. It’s super easy, although it may take a few prints to get it just the right size you are looking for.

To start, open the pattern.

Choose the print document option.

Scroll down the print options to more settings and click.

Under more settings, choose the size of the document before printing. Actual size will result in a true to pattern fit. Lowering the scale below 100% will reduce the size of the pattern. Increasing the scale to above 100% will enlarge the pattern size.

The size of the pattern can be increased or decreased to accommodate the desired outcome.

If you want to reduce the size of the pattern to match specific measurements, break out your math skills. For example, if you are sewing an 8″ doll, you may notice the smallest size doll pattern I offer is 9inches. Divide 8 by 9 and the result is 89%. For an 8″ doll, print the 9″ doll pattern at 89%. If you would like an 18.5 inch doll, print the 19″ doll pattern at 97%. If you would like a doll that is 22″, print the 23″ doll pattern at 96%. Always reduce, for best results.

For best results on all Home Ec Lady Patterns, print as actual size (100%).

Sometimes, increasing the size will make the piece bigger than the paper. In this case, a more involved process will be required. To get an idea of how to adjust for this, see my blog for creating a pattern here. This will involve tracing the pattern onto a piece of paper, scanning and adjusting as needed. If you are new to this process, it may take some time and frustration to get it right. But once you got it, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Sewing!

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