Baby Doll Diaper Sewing Tutorial

This pattern includes five sizes of cloth diapers in one PDF, specifically made for this style of doll. It does not include printable instructions. Get the pattern on Etsy here.


The amount of material required depends on the size of the diaper to be made. For larger sizes, I recommend getting about 1/3 yard of fabric, and less for smaller sizes. The best way to determine the fabric needed is to cut out the pattern and use it as a guide when deciding on a fabric amount. I highly recommend using upcycled or repurposed fabrics for this project. Flannel is a good option.

Closures: There are options! Snaps, hook and loop tape, or safety pins.

Cut the pattern: Follow the lines for the size desired and cut the pattern from the paper. You may find it easier to trace and cut the pattern piece out of paper, or freezer paper on the fold, and unfold it before cutting the fabric.

Cut 2 pattern pieces from fabric as directed on the fold. Place pieces on top of one another, right sides facing. Press well to make both fabric pieces even and smooth. Sew the perimeter of the pattern piece, leaving a small space to turn the diaper right side out. I find it most convenient to leave the space at the back of the diaper, where the tabs are longer.

Trim the corners and slash the curves so the diaper turns out and presses smoothly.

Turn the diaper with right side out and press well with a steamy iron. Press carefully the open space so that it blends well with the rest of the seam. Top sew along the back edge of the diaper, closing the space used to turn the pattern.


The easiest way to close this diaper pattern is with a pair of safety pins. It requires no sewing and gives the act of caring for the doll a nostalgic feel. It’s also not the safest option for young hands, so use it if you like, but there are other options.


If you have a pair of snap pliers, I find that snaps are a simple option for closing the diaper. I used a no-frills snap (7/16″) that works great, but fit is important. Attach the snaps to the back tabs (the longer tabs) and place the diaper on the doll to measure. Pins work well to mark the area where the snap should be placed. Placement relies largely on the amount the doll is stuffed.

Hook and Loop Closures:

There are two ways a diaper can be closed with hook and loop tape (You know, that product that starts with a “V” and makes a sound when pulled apart. The company doesn’t like bloggers like me to refer to them by name without permission).

The length of the tape piece is determined by diaper size and personal preference. I like to use about 1.5 inches for larger sizes.

For this first style of closure, you will need two pieces of tape the same length. Sew the soft, loopy side to the back tabs of the diaper. This will prevent the prickly side of the tape from scratching the fabric of the doll.

Place the diaper on the doll and fit the tabs around the waist. Mark the end of the tabs with pins. Sew the hard, prickly sides of the tape to the front areas marked by the pins. Placing the prickly side of the tape on the front of the diaper reduces scratching of the doll’s skin fabric by tabs, and lengthens the life of the doll.

Another way to attach hook and loop tape involves 3 pieces, rather than four. Cut a length of tape to fit the front of the diaper. Separate the tape and cut the soft, loopy side into two equal pieces. Sew the soft, loopy pieces to the back of the diaper at the tab area. Sew the long hard, prickly piece of tape to the center front of the diaper.

Happy Sewing! See my other patterns on Etsy!

See my video sewing tutorials on YouTube!

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