Sew a Stocking

This pattern includes 4 sizes in one PDF. Get the pattern here. This pattern does not include printable instructions. These are the instructions to sew the pattern.

Are you ready to give up wrapping paper for the holidays? Sew up one of these stockings to stuff for the good boys and girls on your holiday gift list. They can be reused and re-gifted for years to come, and save a lot of unrecyclable paper from the landfill.

This simple pattern includes four sizes: Large (6″x17″), Medium (5.5″x15″), Small (5″x14″), and Mini (4″x10″). The PDF requires no special instructions for printing… it’s just that simple!


The smaller sizes of stockings can be made with a fat quarter and 12″ of fleece (or other cuff material). Flannel and cotton are excellent choices for the stocking itself. Fleece can be tricky to sew, and often requires a special needle, so for beginners, I recommend staying away from the fleece.

Print the pattern and tape together as directed at the shaded areas. Match A, B, and C lines and sizes for each. There are no special instructions for printing the PDF. It is designed to be printed as is with no adjustments to the printer settings.

Cut two stocking pieces for each stocking to be sewn. Place the stocking pieces with right sides facing and sew the perimeter, leaving the top open.

,Assemble the cuff pattern pieces and cut from fabric on the fold. For this tutorial I used a silky fleece for the cuff, but other fabrics will also work. This fabric, in particular, was difficult to work with because it made a fuzzy mess when cut, and slid around in the machine, making it difficult to get a clean seam. I found that using flannel for the cuff was much more user friendly, and probably a good choice for beginners.

Sew the long, open side of the cuff. The first side to sew is not the side with the notches. Once the side is sewn, fold the piece in half, with wrong sides facing, to match notches. Pin and set aside.

Cut a length of ribbon for a hanger and pin to the seam on the same side as the heel. Insert the stocking (inside out) and pin to the open side of the cuff.

Sew the top of the stocking with the cuff. Turn the stocking right side out and press well with a steamy iron.

Stuff it with goodies like crocheted dish cloths, potholders, candy, dog treats, bath bombs, or whatever else you can make by hand. A handmade gift, is a heartfelt gift. Happy Sewing!

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