French Toast at River Run

Take a break from the busy world and enjoy nature with a simple brunch of French toast and hot chocolate.

Chilaquiles – Brunch at Red Rocks

Make a picnic brunch while hiking with just a little prep. I love living in Colorado; there is so much to explore and the views are gorgeous. One of my favorite outdoor activities is to hike in the mountains and foothills along the many trails offered by Colorado’s Bureau of Land Management. There are oftenContinue reading “Chilaquiles – Brunch at Red Rocks”

Beeswax Wraps

Make wax wraps and eliminate plastic wrap from your everyday kitchen routine. These wraps work well as a replacement for plastic wrap and can be reused again and again. Rinse and repeat. They do get old, but they can be revived to new with a visit to the oven. Makes a great gift, too!