Basic Betty Baby Doll

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

This pattern includes the doll, a diaper and a sleeper. It is designed for a beginner sewist to practice skills such as sewing on a curve and attaching closures.

The Basics:

This pattern includes Baby Betty, sleeper and diaper pieces. There is a face template to use if you do not wish to create your own. You will need a sewing machine, a hand needle and thread, embroidery thread to sew the face, and a piece of elastic for the neck of the sleeper.

For the doll, you will need 2 pieces of Cotton broadcloth or flannel fabric 12″x12″

For the sleeper, you will need 2 pieces of cotton or flannel fabric 13″x19″ and a piece of elastic the size of the doll’s neck (5″ if printed actual size)

For the diaper, you will need 2 pieces of flannel 6″x6″

Sew the all of the pieces in this pattern with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Print the pattern:

To make a 9″ Betty, print the pattern actual size. The pattern can be increased easily to 110% to make a bigger Betty, or reduced to make a tiny Betty (I made one 5″, but it wasn’t an easy stitch). For more information on adjusting the size of the digital pattern, see this link.

Sew the Doll

Transfer the doll’s face in the appropriate place. Pencil works well for this. I easily transferred the template by holding the pieces up to a bight window. This may not work for dolls made with very dark fabric.

Sew the doll’s back, leaving the area between the black dots (on the pattern) open. This will be the area for turning the doll, later.

Unfold the back piece and press well. Press the seam open.

Place the front and back pieces together with right sides facing and sew around the perimeter.

Turn the doll right side out and fill as desired. Hand stitch the back closed.

Using a back stitch, sew in the features of the doll. For the pacifier, cut the pattern from fabric and applique to the doll. For an added feature, brush the cheeks of the doll with a little blush and add a bow or flower crown to the head. Let your imagination guide you in creating a Betty who belies her Basic moniker.

Graphic from Reader’s Digest: The Complete Guide to Needlework (1979)

Using one strand of embroidery thread doubled through the needle, start by inserting the threaded needle though one feature of the face and bring it up through another. This will allow the thread to be hidden inside; make a small knot in just one thread to hold. Pull the thread through only just until it disappears. Begin backstitching along the pencil lines of the face.

When one feature has been sewn, move the needle underneath to the next feature. When all the features have been sewn, bring the needle underneath again to a completed line. Make a knot if desired, or pull gently and clip (the thread will disappear inside).

The Diaper

Sew the perimeter of the diaper, leaving the area between the notches open. Slash the seams of all the curved areas and clip the points.

Turn the diaper right side out and press well. Sew the back of the diaper closed with either the machine or hand sew the opening shut.

Measure for the appropriate placing of the closures. Chalk works well for this. See the video for more information. Apply closures. Snaps work well for this diaper, but hook and loop tape, buttons and safety pins also work well for closures.

The Sleeper

Match the notches on the sleeper with those on the sleeves and sew the sleeves to one of the 2 sleeper pieces, right sides together.

Open the sleeve pieces and sew one side to the remainder sleeper piece as shown in the picture below.

Fold the casing strip in half and press well. Sew the casing to the neck area of the sleeper, right sides facing, raw edges together.

Insert the elastic into the casing and pin at both ends to secure.

Sew the remaining sleeve side to the remaining sleeper side, backstitching over the elastic to secure.

Fold up the cuffs 1/2″ and press well. Stitch into place.

Sew the sleeper from cuff to cuff. Slash the seam allowance of all curves.

Turn right side out and slide the doll in from the top.

Take Betty on Lovely Adventures. Happy Sewing!


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