Doll Tights Sewing Guide

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

This pattern is one size, but is easily adjustable for a variety of sizes. When printed actual size, this pattern will fit a 19″ doll or baby. The pattern can be reduced or enlarged using these instructions. As you can see in the picture above, the pattern can be adjusted for small and large babies.

Assemble the pattern pieces with tape at the shaded areas. The hash lines will mostly match and the center graphic will be readable.

You will need:

A stretch fabric no larger than 12″x16″. The amount of fabric needed will depend on what size you choose to make. *A word about fabric: get a thicker stretch knit fabric and use starch/iron to stiffen it up before cutting and sewing. You will also need a length of 1/4″ elastic the measurement of the doll’s waist.

Sew the tights with a 5/8″ seam allowance for best results.

Cut the pattern from the stretch fabric. With right sides facing, sew the front crotch.

Fold down the top of the tights 5/8″ and press stiff. Sew a casing for the elastic along the raw edge of the fabric.

Measure the doll’s waist and cut elastic the same measurement.

Insert the elastic and secure each end with a pin.

With right sides facing, sew the back crotch (where the notches are).

Fold out the tights and with right sides facing, sew the crotch and foot areas. To reduce bulk in the toe area, sew the folded end of the foot with a sloping curve, as shown in the picture below.

Turn the tights right side out and it’s time for dress-up fun! Happy Sewing!!


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