Sew A Pterodactyl

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

Print the pattern actual size. To learn how to do this, and to adjust the size of the dinosaur, click here.

You will need:

Fabric- the amount depends on how big you are making the pterodactyl, and how many colors you are choosing to use. I used 3 fat quarters to make all three in the picture below. The piece that uses the most fabric is the wings, mostly because it is cut on the fold.

Start by cutting the pieces from the fabric.

The Head:

Sew the face; between the dots on the pattern. Use the square on the nose to remind you where the face is. Slash any curves in the seam allowance.

Sew the back between the dots on the pattern. Make sure you have enough distance at the top to turn the dinosaur. Adjust the dots as needed.

Sew the belly from neck to crotch, between the dots indicated on the pattern. Slash any curves in the seam allowance.

Fold the front body open and with right sides facing, place the back on top. Pin together and trim any edges as necessary. Sew the outside of the body, leaving the neck open. Slash any curves in the seam allowance.

Matching the seam of the head with the seam of the body front, sew the head to the body.

With right sides facing, sew the back of the head. Slash any curves in the seam allowance.

Stuff and sew the back.

To make the wings:

Cut a slit in the middle of one of the wings. This will be used to turn the wings right side out.

With right sides together, sew the entire perimeter of the wings.

Clip the curves and turn right side out. Press well.

With the slit towards the dinosaur’s back, sew the wings to the back seam. Use small stitches to minimize their appearance.

Use a hand needle and thread to tack the hands to the wings. I tried making phalanges on my sample pterodactyl, but it made the wings buckle slightly. On the others I only made a small tack at the fingertips and another one at the elbow area. The latter seemed to work rather well.

It would be fun to add facial features. Sew on felt rounds or embroider eyes and a mouth.

Happy Sewing!


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