Mouse Cat Toy

Get the free pattern here. See the video here.

You Will Need:

Felt, or other fabric (2 pieces 4″x4″) You may choose to use more than one color; plan accordingly. I used a separate color for the ears and tail. Use your creativity to mix and match, preferably using scraps on hand.

Hook and Loop Tape

Cut the pattern. You may print the pattern actual size, or adjust the size with these directions.

Sew the ears into the head darts of the mouse. Make sure you are creating two mirroring sides!

Sew on the hook and loop tape. Make sure you are sewing the tape to the appropriate side!

Place the tail sandwiched between the body pieces; right sides facing.

Sew around the outside of the mouse, leaving the bottom open.

Turn right side out. Stuff with catnip, or other kitty pleasure, and toss to the felines.

Happy Sewing! May this toy bring you much play time with your furry friend.

Growing Catnip:

Catnip is an excellent plant to have on hand if you have some sun and a cat, or two. It grows quickly and will return each year a little more vigorous. A member of the mint family, catnip is easy to grow in containers, smells delightfully of mint, and can be easily dried for long-term storage. If unpruned, it can grow waist high, or taller!

Catnip can have a range of effects on cats; it typically stimulates a feeling of euphoria for a short period of time. Catnip is considered generally safe for cats, if it is something they enjoy. All of my cats fully enjoy a stalk of fresh nip pruned right from the garden. The dried herb can also be used by humans as a calming tea. It tastes like mint.

Ironically, I grow my catnip in a cat litter bucket. I used a wood-burning tool to create drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket and the catnip comes back every year.


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