Drawstring Carrot Bag Sewing Directions

See the video here. Get the pattern here.


The base of the bag (represented by the orange here) is 8.25″ long. The width at the top of the bag is 7″ (14″ around).The top (green part) is 3 inches tall, which can be easily adjusted by adding or reducing the height of the pattern piece (as shown below).

Print the pattern:

Print the pattern actual size, or adjust the size of the pattern using these instructions. Tape the carrot pattern pieces together at the shaded area as shown below.

The Basics:

To make one drawstring bag (printed actual size) you will need two fat quarters; orange and green (or whatever you want). You will also need something to serve as the drawstring; ribbon or twine works well.

Use a 3/8″ seam allowance for best results.

Begin by sewing the sides of the carrot, leaving the top open. Trim the seam allowance at the point. Fold right side out. Set aside.

Open the carrot top at the fold and sew a button hole about 2-3cm from the bottom (or wherever you want) at the center fold.

With right sides facing, sew the ends together, creating a tube the size of the carrot bottom.

Before moving forward, make sure the carrot bottom and top are the same size. Adjust as needed.

Fold the carrot top in half horizontally, with wrong sides facing and pin the bottom. Using the button hole as a placement guide, sew a casing for the drawstring as shown in the picture below.

Place the carrot top and the carrot bottom together with right sides and raw edges together. Sew them together as shown below.

Use a safety pin (or other tool) to thread the drawstring into the casing. The length of the drawstring is up to you, but make sure it is slightly longer than the circumference of the carrot top.

Fill with goodies and tie the drawstring closed.

Happy Sewing!


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