Elastic Neck Nightshirt

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

The Basics:

Sew all seams with a 3/8″ allowance.

Elastic is needed for the wrists and neck. The width of the elastic is not as important as sewing a casing wide enough to accommodate it.

Print the pattern:

Download and print the pattern actual size. For directions to do this, click here. Use tape to connect pattern pieces at the shaded areas where necessary; hash lines will mostly match up.


Make sure the sleeves are both right side down and fold up the bottom portion at the notch.

Sew along the raw edge of the sleeve. Make a second line of stitches parallel to the first, wide enough to accommodate elastic.


Unfold the front and sew the sleeves into place. The side of the sleeve without the notch is the front.

Fold out the sleeves and sew the back pieces into place, with notches matching.


Fold down the neckline to accommodate elastic. I recommend using elastic that is 1/2″ or less. Sew the elastic casing into place.

Measure the required length of elastic for the wrists and the neck. Do not make the elastic too tight.

Insert the elastic into the wrist and neck casings and secure with a pin.

Sew the back of the dress closed, securing the elastic at the neck.

Sew the side seams, starting with the wrists.

Fold up a hem on the bottom of the nightshirt and sew into place. A ruffle can easily be added to the hem if desired.

Happy Sewing!

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