Mermaid Doll Suit Sewing Guide

Get the pattern for an 18″ doll here. Get the multi-sized pattern here. See the video here.

Get the doll pattern here.

The Basics:

For this project, I used scraps for the bodice and fin. For the tail, I chose a textured tablecloth that I purchased at the thrift store. Cotton is the best choice for everything except the seashells. Those are best made from felt.

Fusibles: To attach the seashells, it is easiest to use a small sheet of fusible for the felt. Adhere the fusible to the fabric and cut out the shapes. Peel the backing from the seashell and iron to the bodice in the desired position.

Print the pattern:

Download the pattern and print to actual size. For directions to do this, click here. Tape the pattern pieces at the shaded areas where necessary; notches will mostly match up.


Sew the front to the back at the shoulders.

Open the bodice pieces and press the shoulder seams flat. Place the bodice pieces with right sides together and sew along the armholes, neck and back as shown in the picture below.

Slash the curves and clip the corners.

Turn right side out and press well.

Adhere the fusible to a piece of felt (or other fabric) and cut out the seashells. Iron the seashells in your desired position and sew into place.

Tip: Use a zipper foot and slowly sew the perimeter of the shell. Then, sew the lines from the scallop of the shell to the base point.

Sew the back of the tail to the black dot indicated on the pattern. Sew this seam at 1/2″.

Open the tail back and press the seam open

Top sew the open segment.

The Fin:

Sew around the fin at shown in the picture below.

Slash the curves and turn right side out. Press well. Match the notches and pin as shown in the picture below.

On the tail front, pin the fin, beginning with the middle. Make sure the folded areas of the fin are facing the right side of the tail. The folds of the fin should show to the front of the outfit.

Place the tail back on the tail front, with right sides facing, and pin into place. One side may be larger than the other. That’s ok. Just trim and sew.

Sew around the sides and bottom of the tail.

Turn right side out.

Attach the Bodice:

Starting at the back, Pin the bodice to the tail with right sides facing. Adjust as necessary for a nice fit.

Attach a closure. Snaps, buttons and hook and eyes work well. Hook and loop tape would also make an acceptable closure.

Happy Sewing!

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