Doll Bag Sleeper Sewing Tutorial

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

The basics:

Print the pattern:

Download the pattern from Etsy. If you are having difficulty finding your pattern, see Etsy’s directions here. If you have access to the link but unable to download the pattern, check to make sure the security settings on your device are not blocking the PDF.

Print the pattern actual size for best results. For instructions to do this, click here. Cut out the pattern along the solid black lines, and assemble where necessary at the shaded areas. The notches will mostly align.

Install the zipper. I find that a zipper slightly longer than the sleeper works best, but use your judgement and sewing skills to determine the length that works best for you.

See this video for zipper installation:

Secure the zipper top in place with pins as shown in the picture below.

Sew the back to the front at the shoulders.

Open the sleeper and attach the cuffs. Fold the cuff in half lengthwise and iron well to crease. Slightly stretch the cuff as you sew it to the wrist area. Do not stretch too much for best results.

See this video for attaching the cuffs:

With right sides facing, sew the front and back together. Be sure to backstitch a few times at the base of the zipper.

Depending on how the fabric next to the zipper is folded, there will be some extra fabric on the front side next to the seam. Trim this and the extra zipper.

Sew the hood sides to the hood center. Match the notches on the hood side to one set of notches on the hood center. You may choose to remove one set of the notches on the hood center to avoid confusion.

See this video for sewing the hood.

Fold in 1/2″ of the raw edge of the hood to the wrong side and stitch into place.

Attach the hood to the sleeper. Start by pinning the center of the hood back to the center of the neck back. Sew from zipper to zipper along the length of the neck.

That’s it! Keep scrolling for pictures. Happy Sewing!

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