Baby Sized Doll Sewing Tutorial

Get the pattern here. See the video here. These dolls can wear commercial baby clothes.

These dolls are baby-sized and can wear commercial clothing in sizes 3, 6, 9, and 12 month infant.

For the same doll in smaller sizes, see this pattern.

The Basics:

Download the pattern. If you are having trouble finding your pattern, see Etsy’s directions here. If the pattern won’t download, review the security settings on your device to make sure it isn’t being blocked.

Cotton is recommended for this project. See suggestions for creating facial features and hair here or here.

See the chart below for seam allowance and fabric requirements by size. Use the chart to only print the pages required for your project to save ink and paper. Print the pattern as Actual Size for best results. Use this link for information about how to do this.

For the same doll in smaller sizes, see this pattern.

Cut the pattern along the solid black lines and assemble where necessary at the shaded areas. The hash lines will mostly match up.


Place arms right sides together and sew around the outside, leaving the top open. Slash the seams around the curves, but careful not to cut the stitching.

Turn the arms right side out and stuff. Pin the arms with the seams together. For suggestions to weight the limbs, see this video.


Sew the foot tops to the legs. See a video to do this here.

Slash the seam allowance, careful not to cut the stitching.

Fold the legs in half and sew the back seam.


Sew on the foot sole, matching the notch on the sole to the seam on the leg.

Turn the legs right side out and stuff. Pin the leg tops together with seam in the middle back. To see suggestions for weighting limbs, see this video.

The Body:

Sew the darts on the bottom.

Sew the belly.

Open the front and place the back pieces on top, right sides facing. Match up the shoulder and sides. Sew shoulders and sides. Slash curved seams.

The head:

Sew the head sides to the face. Ease through the machine without pinning. Always sew with the head side on top, matching notches at the face area. See the video below for demonstration. See another video to do this here.

Fold the face in half at the front and finger press the center. Pin the center of the face to the center seam of the front, right sides facing.

Sew the head to the body.

Turn the body wrong side out and sew the back. Leave a space at the upper back for turning.

Attach the limbs:

Lay the body on the table FACE DOWN. Insert the legs TOES TO FACE. Pin the bottom of the doll. Start with pinning the crotch seams together. Then pin in the legs.

Sew the legs into place.

Insert the arms into the armholes with thumbs pointing toward face. Sew.

Back of head:

With right sides facing, pin the neck seams together. Sew the back of the head into a dart. Gradually bring the seam to the folded edge of the scalp as shown in the picture below.

Turn the head right side out and stuff the doll. If you choose the weight the doll, one suggestion is to add weighted pouches (I used rice, but there are other weighting materials such as plastic, glass or wooden beads), as shown in the picture below. Omit if not weighting the doll.


Hand sew the back closed.

That’s It! See the video below and keep scrolling for cute pictures. Happy Sewing!

See how to make the teddy bear here:

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