Elastic Back Pants for Dolls Sewing Tutorial

Get the pattern here. See the video here. For the doll pattern and more clothing patterns, click here!

The Basics:

This pattern makes either pants or shorts. The small pair can be made from a fat quarter and the larger sizes with less than 1/3 yard.

These pants require a small amount of elastic. The width that you use is up to you. For the smaller size on this tutorial, I used elastic that was 1/4″ wide. For the larger sizes, I used 3/4″ elastic. Use whatever you have on hand.

Print the pattern:

If you are having difficulty finding your pattern, see Etsy’s directions here. If you having difficulty downloading your PDF, review the security settings on your device.

Print the pattern Actual Size. To learn how to do this, or to adjust the size of the pattern, see these directions. Cut the pattern along the solid black lines and assemble where needed at the shaded areas.


Lay together 2 pockets with right sides facing and fold down the top 1/4-12″ (depending on how big you want the pockets to be). Press well and sew around the outside, leaving the top open for turning.

Trim the points of the pockets and turn right side out. Press well and sew the tops of the pockets closed. Set Aside.

Pants Back:

Sew the pants back together at the crotch seam.

Unfold the back and press down the elastic casing at the notches.

Measure the back of your doll and cut a piece of elastic that will stretch slightly from hip to hip. Use the width of the elastic to sew a casing that will accommodate it. Make sure to sew the casing slightly wider than the elastic so that it can be inserted.

Fold the pants in half at the crotch seam and place the pockets. Sew the pockets to the pants back.

Insert the elastic to the casing. Make sure the elastic doesn’t pull through by securing the end with a pin before pulling the elastic through the opposite side.

Pants Front:

Sew the crotch seam of the pants front.

Slash the corner of the crotch seam, just below the fly. Also slash the curves of the fly and crotch seam.

Fold down the pocket area with wrong sides facing. Sew along the fold.

Fold the pants front in half, wrong sides facing. Press the fly area flat and sew a line from the crotch to the waist area as shown in the picture below.

Fold the fly to the side and sew it down as shown in the picture below.

Fold the waistband in half and press well. Attach the waistband to the pants front, matching the notch on the waistband with the center seam of the pants.

Fold up the waistband and press.

Place pants back on pants front, with right sides facing and sew the side seams.

Measure the inseam on your doll to prepare the hems on the pants. Fold down the hem and press well.

Before sewing the cuffs, make sure the pants are the same length by pinning the crotch seam and stretching the legs out as shown in the picture below.

Sew the hems.

Sew the leg seams.

That’s it! Happy Sewing!

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