Bunny Sewing Tutorial

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

This bunny can be adjusted in size and made with upcycled materials. It’s a fairly simple pattern, with only the base being a challenge for new sewists. Give it a try!

The Basics:

See these instructions to change the size of the bunny pattern. If printed actual size, this bunny should use 1/3 yard of fabric.

Sew all seams with 1/4″-5/8″ seam allowance- whatever you choose. The pattern will work whatever you choose.

The face can be sewn on or made from glued on pieces. Keep scrolling for more on that.

Cut the pattern on the black lines to begin. To see more about printing, see this.

Arms and Feet:

Sew around the perimeter of the arms and feet, leaving the notched end open for turning. Clip the curves and points to ease turning. Turn the arms and feet right side out and stuff to your preference. Set aside.

The Body:

Sew the back, leaving the area between the black dots open for turning.

Baste the arms and legs to the body front at the notches.

Attach the head to the body front and back at the notches. If you plan to attach commercial eyes, or sew the bunny’s features on, now is the time to do that. If you plan to glue them on, it can wait until later. There are plastic eyes and noses with shank closures that would work well for this. Use your imagination, but if you want to secure features with anything other than glue, do it before attaching the head to the body to make it easy for yourself.


Sew the ears together. For this tutorial, I used a white for the outside and pink gingham for the inside. Leave the base of the ear open for turning. Turn right side out and press well.

Fold the ears onto themselves as shown below and pin to secure.

Pin the ears to the face with the inside of the ear towards the face (in this case, the pink lays to the face.) Baste the ears to the head. I chose to place the ears at the top of the head, but use your imagination and pin the ears anywhere you like. They could be lopsided, or spaced an inch or two apart to give the rabbit some personality. Please take artistic license when placing the ears!

Place the body back on the body front and sew around the outside, leaving the bottom open.

Sew the base into the bottom of the bunny. This may be a little challenging, but don’t stress over it. There are pointed ends on either side of the base. Place those points on the side seams of the bunny. Ease the curves through the machine, securing the feet into place with the base.

Turn the bunny right side out!

Stuff the head of the bunny as firmly as you wish. Next, place a weighted pouch in the base of the bunny so it can stand up. For my base, I made a pouch and filled it with rice. A plastic sandwich bag with pebbles, or some glass marbles would work just as well. See what you have on hand: sand, nut shells, gravel, fish tank filler… use your imagination.

Finish stuffing the bunny and hand sew the back closed.

Glue on the features. I used some felt cut-outs and used a hot glue gun. I also glued on a bow tie for pizazz. Use your imagination and dress up your bunny.

Enjoy your bunny!! Happy Sewing!

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