Model Horse Coat and Hood Sewing Tutorial

Please see the video here. Get the Free pattern here.

The pattern requires the use of 4 (1 inch pieces) of hook and loop tape.
One coast can be made from 1/3 yard of fabric. I like to get to different types of fabric so the lining and the outside are different colors.

The Basics:

You will need 1/3 yard of fabric to make one coat. I like to get another 1/3 yard of a different color fabric for the lining. Therefore, 2/3 yard will make a minimum of 2 coats. Cotton materials work best.

You will also need 4 pieces of hook and loop tape that are 1.5 inches long or shorter.

Print the Pattern:

For best results, print the pattern ACTUAL SIZE. See directions how to do this here.

The Coat:

Cut the coat patterns and attach the straps where indicated with tape. Notches will match.

Cut 2 pieces from the outside fabric and 2 pieces from the lining. Align the notches on the back and sew using a 5/8″ seam allowance. Be sure to sew the back only.

Unfold the blanket and place the lining on top, right sides facing. Match the center seams and pin. Lay the pieces flat on the table, smoothing out the straps so they are even.

Cut the tabs from one side of the blanket piece. I know it seems like a waste, but in developing this pattern, I found it fairly difficult to manage the pattern otherwise. This way, the lining and the blanket will match on both sides, without any guessing or frustrations. Easy is the name of the game in my sewing room.

Use the pattern as a guide to attach the hook and loop tape. Sew around the perimeter of the tape to secure. On the side of the blanket without straps, attach the tape to the right side of the fabric.

On the side with the tabs, attach the tape to the right side of the lining, where indicated on the pattern.

Pin the outside and lining together and sew around the perimeter, leaving open a small space open to turn the blanket right side out. Sew with 5/8″ seam allowance on the blanket, but a slightly more narrow seam allowance around the straps. Remember they have to be turned right side out, so it’s important they are not too narrow.

Before turning the blanket, clip all the corners and slash all the angles for easy pressing. Turn the blanket right side out and poke out the straps and corners, carefully. Press well and top sew around the entire blanket, ensuring the opening has been closed.

For the hood:

Cut one of each piece in outer fabric and one of each in lining fabric. Use the pattern as a guide to attach hook and loop tape.

Attach the hook and loop tape to the right side of side one.

Attach the hook and loop to side two on the right side of the lining.

Match the notches on the neck arch and pin together the hood pieces, right sides facing. Pin the lining to the hood with right sides facing.

Sew the perimeter of the hood with lining, with a 5/8″ seam allowance, leaving a small space to turn the piece right side out.

Turn the hood right side out and press well. Top sew the perimeter, close to the edge, ensuring the opening has been closed.


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