Sew a Flower Bouquet Bag

This pattern DOES NOT come with printable instructions.

See the sewing video here. Get the free pattern here.


Fabric: I like to use upcycled materials that I find at the thrift store pretty cheap. For this project, a medium-sized tablecloth worked well to make one small and one large bag. If you are planning to buy fabric at the thrift store, I recommend a half yard to make both sizes.

Tie: Also needed is a tie of some sort. Both rope and ribbon seem to work well for this situation.

All the other sewing tools: iron, machine, ruler and scissors.

Print the pattern and cut.

This pattern requires no special instruction for printing.

Tape the top to the bottom at the shaded area. Notches will mostly match.

Cut two of the pattern pieces on the fold and set aside.

Cut a strap 3″ wide to the desired length. 60″ is recommended for a sling bag, although it is best to customize it to individual needs.

Cut a strip of fabric 3″ and to the desired length for the strap. Alternatively, a ribbon or other cordage can be substituted.

Fold over the 1/4″ edge of both long sides of the strap to create a clean edge.

Fold in half to match edges and press well.

Sew the open edge of the strap to close; set aside.

Sew close to the open edge of the strap.

Sew one side of the bag. Seam allowance is not important, but this tutorial uses a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Open the bag at the seam and fold down 1″ of the top to create a facing. Press well.

Fold down 1″ of the top and press well. Pin if desired.

Place the strap ends in place, under the folded edge of the fabric and pin, if desired. The placement is based upon your preference. For this tutorial, the straps were placed 3.5″ from the seams.

Sew the folded edge, making sure to reinforce the seams at the strap for durability.

Placement of the straps is a matter of preference. For this tutorial, they were placed 3.5″ from the seams.

Fold up the straps and press into place., as shown below. Sew strap to the top of the bag.

Reinforce the strap at the top of the bag seam.

Fold up 1″ of the bottom seam and sew into place.

Fold the bag in half with right sides facing.

Place and pin the tie to the desired location on the right side of the fabric. For this tutorial, the tie was placed 3″ above the bottom hem. The tie will be sandwiched between the front and back when sewn into place. The length of the tie is to preference, but a 24″ strip, folded in half, seems to work well for an average size bouquet. Adjust the length of the tie as needed.

Place and pin the tie on the right side of the fabric. It will be sandwiched between the bag sides when sewn into place.

Turn the bag right side out and tie. Enjoy! Keep scrolling for the video.

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