Baby Doll Sleeper Sewing Pattern

Get the pattern here. See the video here.

Get the doll pattern here. For another sleeper pattern, click here, or here.

The sleeper pattern is available in 3 sizes to fit dolls of the following measurements.

Get the pattern on Etsy and download (Having trouble downloading the pattern?) If you have the pattern link, but it will not download, please check to make sure the security settings on your computer.
Print the pattern actual size. For instructions to do this, click here. Assemble the pieces where required using tape at the shaded areas.

Sew the Body:

Sew the back pieces together. Set Aside.

Lay out the front pieces. Sew the crotch to one side where indicated below. Right sides facing.

Attach the zipper using a zipper foot. Allow adequate room between the neckline and the zipper top.

Pin the opposite side to the zipper and unfold to ensure the necklines are even. Sew the zipper into place.

Attaching the zipper.

Place the back on the front and sew the seams at the top of the arms. Right sides facing.

Unfold and press. Sew on the cuffs. Use a strip of knit fabric, folded in half. For micro: 2″; for XS and S: 2.5″ Place the cuff and sleeve into the machine and stretch the knit as the machine is sewing. Instead of a cuff, the sleeve can be hemmed with 1/4″ hem.

Sewing the cuffs.

Fold the garment to match the side and crotch seams. Sew the side seams and the crotch seam. Right sides facing.

Sew the Booties:

Sew the heels of the feet and attach them to the soles.

Turn the booties right side out.

Place the sleeper on the table with the zipper facing up. With the toe of the bootie facing down, place the bootie in the leg of the sleeper. Center the front of the bootie with the front of the leg and pin.

Put the bootie into the leg hold and center the heel seam with the back center of the leg.

Sew the bootie into the leg of the sleeper. It’s a tight spot, so go slow.

Sew the Hood:

Sew the hood sides to the hood center. TIP: Always sew with the head side on top and the hood center on the bottom.

Sewing the hood.

Fold in the hood front 1/2″ and press well. Top stitch into place.

Turn the sleeper right side out and attach the hood. Match the center back of the hood with the center back seam of the sleeper.

Pin the neckline edges to the zipper to secure.

Sew the hood to the sleeper.

The sleeper is done!

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