Baby Cowboy Boots: A Tutorial

Get the baby pattern here. See the baby video here. Get the big pattern here. See the big video here.

See and extra video here.

The pattern includes four sizes: XS-Large infant sizes

YeeHaw! This pattern was recently upgraded to include more sizes! See the charts below.

These are the baby boot sizes
These are the big boot sizes

What you will need:

Print the pattern Actual size, for best results. For instructions to do this, click here. To adjust the size of the pattern, click here. The amount of fabric you will need will depend on the color combination you choose and the size. I recommend printing the size you want and taking it along when you are fabric shopping to determine what you will need. In general, a few squares of felt will do. For the larger sizes, a larger piece of fabric will be needed.

Pin the pattern pieces to the felt (or other fabric choice) and cut out.

Print and cut the pattern pieces.

Sew the contrast piece:

Place the contrast piece to the boot side and pin. Using a zipper foot for visibility, top sew the contrast piece to the boot side. When sewn, trim where necessary front and back. Set Aside.

Add Embellishments:

If you would like to add any extra designs or trims, now is the time to do so. Here are some ideas:


Add a star or a cactus for a fun pop of color. Find black and white clipart online, and print it out for a template.

Boot Straps:

Add strips of felt to create boot straps. Be sure to measure their size and distance from one another for a consistent look.

Top Trim:

Use the pattern as a template to put a trim at the top of the boot for added structure and style.

Custom Stitching:

Use a fancy stitch on your machine to make a nice border on the pieces.

Sew the Toe Dart:

Match the sides of the “V” in the toe and sew them using a narrow seam allowance. I like to use 1/4″ for the toe dart.

Match the sides of the “V” in the toe and sew them together using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Attach the Foot and Side:

Sew the foot top to the boot side with right sides facing. Sew the non-dart side of the foot to the curved middle of the boot side.

Please be advised: the fabric used, and the angle of the cut, will determine how well these pieces fit together when sewn. Trim any non-matching seams before continuing with the next step.

Sew the foot top to the boot side. It is best to ease it through the machine rather than pin the pieces together in advance.

Sew the Boot Back:

Fold the boot in half and sew the back seam 5/8″

Sew on the Soles:

Set out the cut soles and place them left to right. Pin the heel seam of each boot to the center of the heel on the sole. Sew the sole to the boot side.

Turn right side out. Enjoy!

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