Free Healthcare Worker Clothing Pattern: 22″ Doll

This pattern fits a 22″ doll and includes drawstring pants, a raglan sleeve top with a back closure, a drawstring scrub cap, a pair of shoes, and a mask. Video tutorial included.

This pattern is great for beginners who have some knowledge of sewing basics.

You will need:

The Pattern

2/3 yard of fabric (I used an old full size sheet. It made 4 full outfits)

Closure (button or hook and eye), optional for the neck of scrub top

Drawstring for pants and cap

Seam Allowances:

All seam allowances are 1/4″.

Print the scrubs pattern and cut out the pieces. To adjust the size of the pattern, see these instructions.

Assemble the pants pieces. Tape the pieces in place at the shaded area, matching notches.

Tip: Trace the pieces onto freezer paper; The shiny side of the paper can be ironed to the fabric, giving a more secure fit when cutting the pattern. Cut the pattern from your choice of fabric (use cotton for best results). I used a cotton sheet and made four sets of outfits.


The front piece has a tab – fold it in (wrong sides together) and press it down with an iron. Place the pants front on top of the pants back with the tabs facing up, and sew the side seams. Right sides of the pants pieces should be facing.

Open the side seams and lay the pants pieces on top of each other, right sides facing. Sew the rear seam. This is the rounded section without the tab.

Open the pants and fold down the waistband 1″. Press well with an iron. Fold up the cuffs on the pant legs 1″ and press well. Fold the pants in half the make sure the hems are even on both legs. Sew 3/4″ from folded edge.

Fold the pants in half again and sew the front seam. Do not sew the drawstring casing.

When sewing the front seam, stop at the drawstring casing.

Match the crotch seams and pin. Holding the crotch seam, stretch out the leg and pin the cuffs. Sew the length of the seam, reinforce stitching at the crotch for strength.

Cut a 15″ strip of fabric, ribbon, or other string and thread through the waistband casing. At the back of the waist, sew the drawstring in place at the center seam. Reinforce.


This top has raglan sleeves, which are much easier for beginner sewists. Be sure to cut the notches on the pattern as shown for best results.

Unfold the top front and press the crease in the middle. Attach the sleeves. One side of the sleeve has a notch. This notch indicates the back of the sleeve. Pin the non-notched side of the sleeve to the curved area of the top. Sew the sleeve to the top front and open

Prepare the edge of the top back piece. Fold in the tab (wrong sides facing) and 1/2″ of the bottom edge; press well.

Match the notches on the back with the notches on the sleeves, right sides facing. Sew the sleeve to the back. Unfold and press all the seams around the neck.

Place the neck facing at the center front point. Pin the facing in place around the neckline and sew carefully.

Make a clip directly into the point of the ‘V’ neck and slash the curves around the neck, careful not to cut the stitching.

Turn the facing to the back and press in place. Sew around the back tabs and neckline using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Clip the fabric at the base of the tab on the top back.

Match the edges of the back below the tab and sew into place.

Fold up the sleeve hems 1″ and press well. Fold the shirt in half to make sure the sleeve hems are even with one another.

Fold the piece so it looks like an inside out shirt. Sew the side seams.

Fold up the bottom hem 1″ and press. Fold the top in half. Holding the seams at the underarm, make sure the bottom hems are even .

Sew the bottom hem.

Turn right side out. If desired, a button or hook and eye can be attached to the back of the neck, but it works well as is. Add pockets for an fun feature.


Pin two foot tops together and sew the inside “U” of the piece. Clip the curves. Turn the pieces right side out and press well.

Pin the heels together, right sides facing and sew. Clip the middle of the seam where the fabric is thick. Fold the heel over and shape the top of the shoe.

Place the soles of the shoe on the table. Make sure you don’t have two left feet! Match the heel seam with the heel notch on the sole. Sew around the shoes and turn right side out.

Shoes can be made of many types of materials. I like to use felt – the foot top requires only one layer of fabric. I also like to cut the soles a different color than the top.

Scrub Cap:

Unfold the side and press the center crease. Fold up the bottom of the piece and press. Sew a 3/4″ seam.

Unfold the crown and press the center crease. Match the notches on the crown with the notches on the side. Sew the top to the side, easing through the machine around the curve.

With right sides facing, match the notches on the facing with the back of the cap. Fold in the ends until they are even with the bottom of the sides. Sew the facing to the cap. Turn the facing to the other side and press well. Top sew the facing into place. Insert drawstring.


Cut a piece of fabric 6″x6″. Fold in half and sew along the edge. Readjust the seam to the middle of the piece as shown in the picture to the right below. Press well.

Fold in the raw edges of the fabric and sew into place. Thread an 8″ length of elastic through the facing and tie a knot in the end. Buttons can be sewn the to the scrub cap to hold the ear loops in place. Alternately, a long length of ribbon can be threaded through the facings to create head ties.

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