Rudolph Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

A FREE pattern and tutorial to make your own Rudolph!

Download the FREE pattern here (2 pages). You will need 1/4 yard of brown fabric and scraps of tan for the hooves and ears. The antlers work best when cut from felt.

A little stuffed Rudolf would be a welcome addition to an otherwise stuffed stocking.

First, download and print the pattern. I recommend tracing the paper pattern on to freezer paper. It is easier to work with and can be ironed to the fabric for more stability when cutting the pattern out of fabric.

Trace the pattern on to freezer paper for easier handling.

Note where there are notches for pattern matching. Cut these notches where indicated, as pictured below.

Where there are lines, that indicates a notch. Recognize the notch by making an outward cut wherever they appear.
Trace the pattern pieces to freezer paper and cut them out of fabric. I recommend a different color for the ear insides and hooves, and felt for the antlers.

Prepare all pieces to be sewn. Pin the hands to the arms, the leg to the feet and the ears to each other. All pieces will be sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance. This means, the presser foot will be even with the fabric edge.

Cut a circle of red (or other color) felt for the nose. Place it on the face of the reindeer, or Rudolph, and pin in place. Sew with a straight stitch. Move slowly and pivot, where necessary, to prevent puckering of the fabric.

Cut the size and color or circle preferred for the nose and pin in place. Sew slowly, pivoting when necessary to prevent puckering.

Sew the back, leaving the middle open.

Sew the hands to the arms and the feet to the legs. Open the seams and press flat.

Fold the arms and legs in half and press well. Sew the length of each.

Reposition the arms and legs to make the seam run down the middle of one side, as pictured. Press well.

Sew the bottom of the hooves.

Turn them right side out and stuff them.

Sew the ears and trim excess fabric around the point of the ear for ease in turning and pressing.

trim the points of the ears so they lay flat when turned.

Turn the ears and press flat. Fold the sides of the ears in, so they meet in the middle. This will form the ear folds. Pin in place.

Fold in the sides of the ear to meet in the middle. Pin them to create the folds of the ear.

Place the antlers, matching notches, on the head of the reindeer. Place the ears to the side of the antlers and pin everything in place.

Place the back on top, with right sides facing and pin into place. Sew around the perimeter, leaving open the arms and the bottom.

Slash the hems in the curved areas around the head and neck.

Insert the legs into the bottom, feet first – seam facing upward, toward back. Pin into place. Make sure the legs and the body have an even seam. If the legs tilt and the seam is sewn crooked, the legs will not stand straight.

Through the hole in the back, place the arms in the arm holes of the shoulder. The seam of the arm should be even with the seam of the armpit.

Insert the arm and pinch down on the shoulder so the seams meet in the middle. Pin and sew. This will give the reindeer a “shoulder” and the arms will then lay down to the sides.

Sew in the arms and legs, then turn the reindeer right side out.

Make a mark where the eyes will be positioned. Using scissors, make a small cut on the eye marks and attach eyes.

Stuff the reindeer and pin the hole in the back closed. Hand sew the hole in the back.

And that’s it! Enjoy the pattern and be sure to use upcycled materials when you can! Happy Holidays!

Get the free pattern here.

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