Brandy Slush

A Wisconsin Holiday Classic.

You will need 4 tea bags, 2c. brandy, 1 can frozen juice concentrate, and 1c. sugar.
Steep the tea.
Pour water over sugar.
Stir the sugar and water until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Add the juice. It can be any flavor, but is usually made with OJ. I prefer pineapple.

Remove the tea bags and add the steeped tea to the juice mixture.

Add 2c. Brandy
Pour slushie mixture into a shallow pan
Stir up the slushie. It should look similar to the picture above. If the slushie won’t freeze, add a bit of water and return to the freezer.
Scoop the slushie into cups
Top with clear soda. I like diet lemon-lime.
Brandy slush is a Wisconsin holiday tradition.

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