Adjustable Scrub Cap – a pattern and tutorial

Get the pattern here on Etsy. Video tutorial at the bottom of the page. PDF pattern does not include printable instructions.

Last fall, I made a bunch of scrub caps for a holiday craft show. I had no idea how much I would be using that pattern in the spring. When the pandemic hit, I pulled out what was left of my inventory and made a few more to donate to healthcare workers.

This adjustable scrub cap is only 3 pattern pieces (4, if you sew your own tie) and fits most sizes.

The design I chose to pattern was inspired by America’s favorite medical tv drama, Grey’s Anatomy. I manipulated the pattern to accommodate a drawstring casing on the back, which is great for anyone with a lot of hair to pull back. The entire pattern is 3 pieces (4, if you sew your own tie) and takes less than an hour to put together. I usually cut a few and sew them all at once like an assembly line.

The back of the scrub cap has an added drawstring casing that can be cinched around hair that has been pulled back.

Prepare the Fabric:

The fabric should be washed in hot water and dried on high to pre-shrink before washing. I also like to iron the fabric flat with plenty of steam (and sometimes, a starch spray).

Download the Pattern and Print:

Print the PDF pattern and cut out the pieces. I am not terribly tech savvy, so the pattern was created to just be printed as is. No special instructions or programs required.

The pattern can be printed without any special instructions or software programs.

Assemble the side pieces by taping them at the shaded area. The triangle notches should mostly line up, and the sides of the pattern will be flush. Trim if needed and tape both sides for stability.

Pattern Tip:

This next step is not necessary, but I find it to be a nice treatment for paper printed patterns. One of my favorite sewing tools is freezer paper, and I usually make a freezer paper copy of patterns I use frequently. I like freezer paper because the shiny side can be ironed to the fabric, which reduces the need for pins.

Cut on Fold:

The pattern piece for the crown must be cut on the fold. I suggest cutting your freezer paper piece on the fold. It ensures the shape is symmetrical and helps center any fabric graphics to be featured.

Iron/pin the pattern pieces to fabric and cut one of each – as directed on fold, or not. For this project, I am using the skirt of a dress I got at the thrift store (it no longer fits).

Prepare the tie:

A ribbon or bias tape would also work. Search the trim section of your local fabric or thrift store to find tie alternatives.

Press the tie and fold into quarters. Top sew along the edge. Fold up the end twice and sew into place. Set aside.

Prepare the Side:

Fold up 1″ of the bottom of the side piece and press into place. Top Sew.

Sew the Crown to the Side Piece:

Line up the notches and sew with a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Use a 5/8″ seam allowance when sewing the crown to the sides.

Sew the crown and the side together by easing through the machine. This works best without too many pins.

The ends of the pieces should line up fairly well if you are using sturdy cotton fabric that is pressed well. In the case of my example, the repurposed fabric had some stretch to it that caused the pattern to not match up well. the fix is easy enough… trim it. NBD.

Prepare the Drawstring Casing:

Lay the drawstring facing over the back of the cap, right sides facing. Fold in the ends of the facing so they are level with the cap ends and press in place. Pin and sew.

Turn facing to the inside and press into place. Top stitch the facing to the back of the cap, leaving an opening for the drawstring.

Insert the Tie:

Use a safety pin or barrette to thread the tie through the casing. Find the middle of hat back and adjust the tie so that it meets the middle of the hat back. Pin the tie in place at the back of the hat. Sew forward and back over that spot a few times to tack in place. I might suggest sewing a button or two above the ear area of the scrub cap for mask elastics; they can be killer on the ears after an extended period of time. For a free mask pattern and tutorial click here.

That’s it! It doesn’t take long at all. I typically like to serge all the raw edges before starting, but as you can see, the pattern works well even if you do not have a serger. For a simple, FREE mask pattern and tutorial, click here.

Managing printed patterns:

One of my tips for managing printed patterns is to put the cut pattern into a labeled envelope. In this case, the label with the website for instructions is printed on each pattern page. I cut that portion of the pattern out and taped it to the front of the envelope. My printed patterns are stored in a file crate.

Get the pattern for $1 here: Etsy and stay safe out there! Gift the gift that shows you really care this holiday season with hats and masks. Please consider making a bunch and donating them to your local healthcare facility. Check first to make sure they can use them.

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