French Toast at River Run

With just a little preparation, brunch is easy to prepare trail side.

The River Run Trailhead is located in Sheridan, Colorado and features miles of trails for both hiking and biking.

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling a little anxious and in need of some vitamin nature. Not too far from my home is a bike and walking trail that extends for miles around Denver and the surrounding areas. I chose a trail that follows a river and found a nice rock to set up.

2 containers of food, one bag for cooking equipment, and one picnic roll for utensils, napkin, and garbage bag.

I made a padded bag for my cooking equipment that also serves as a tablecloth. It also works well to insulate, should the equipment be warm from cooking.

The water was set to boil for both the hot chocolate and the dried fruit.

I also really like to have my picnic roll, which serves as a utensil holder, napkin, placemat and trash bag. For instructions to make your own, click here.

A picnic roll is a great “tool” for trail side cooking. Make one for yourself using the free:

In containers, I prepared a few packets of hot chocolate and some marshmallows. I suggest toasting the marshmallows and adding them to the well stirred hot chocolate for a decadent beverage. In with them, I put a piece of thick cut bread. In another container, I pre-mixed milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and included a whole egg. The butter is needed for pan greasing and for garnish and I chose to flavor my toast with rehydrated cranberries and oranges. I wrapped some items in beeswax wraps (Check out my tutorial!). Of course, I included syrup!

When the water has boiled, I made my hot chocolate and reserved some of the water. Into the water, I tossed some of the dried fruit (and snacked on the rest, of course) in and set the pan aside while the fruit rehydrated.

rehydrate fruit to top your French toast.

Mix the egg and the milk mixture in one of the bento boxes and dip the bread on both sides. I suggest briefly soaking the bread in the custard so that it will cook properly on the gas stove (the wind makes cooking an adventure).

Melt butter in a pan over the gas stove, and when it’s bubbly, add the soaked toast. Flip as necessary to cook through.

When the toast was cooked through, I placed it in the clean side of the bento box and topped it with the rehydrated fruit and syrup. It was nice to begin the day with a sunny breakfast while listening to the calm flowing of water. Give it a try and get outside!

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