Plastic Bag Sleeve

I know we all use our cloth bogs as often as possible but there are times (especially during these weird times) when it is not possible to use solely reusable totes. While I use considerably less than I used to, I do appreciate having a few on hand each week for cat waste issues, or chicken carcasses. Rather than have a drawer, or corner of a cupboard, try making a sleeve to dispense them as needed. It looks great on a cupboard knob or door handle and is conveniently dispenses one at a time.

The size of sleeve is up to your needs. For this project, I used two pieces of fabric that were each 18″ long by 9″ wide. I also used two small strips of fabric for the ties.

First, I sewed the two large pieces together on one long side and unfolded it. Then I used the serger to clean up the top and bottom edges before folding them in one inch, creating a casing for the elastic.

Top stitch the casings and make the ties. Use the iron to make bias strips by folding the strips as shown below. Each strip will be folded into quarters, pressed and stitched to form a tie. Attach the ties to the sleeve fabric, just under the elastic casing; backstitch well to hold in place.

Use elastic that is slightly shorter than the length of the top and bottom. For my project, I used two 10″ pieces of elastic. Thread the elastic into the casings at the top and bottom, pinning to prevent the elastic from sliding through the casing.

Once the elastic has been pinned in place, with right sides facing, fold the sleeve in half. Pin the raw edges together and sew.

Turn the sleeve inside out and knot the ties to secure. Place plastic bags into the sleeve one at a time, and they will come out one at a time. I enjoy using mine in the kitchen, but I also have a smaller one in my vehicle, and one in my camping supplies. They also make an excellent gift!

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