Home Made Deodorant

Have you ever given thought to the amount of plastic that is used for deodorant packaging? It came across my mind a few months ago as I was at the store readying myself to purchase another two-pack. It has been my personal mission to reduce my use of plastics in the hygiene department, so I skipped the purchase and did some research online.

Easy recipe for long-lasting home made deodorant.

I was hesitant, at first, I’ll admit. No one wants to smell like pits in public. I wasn’t sure if something natural could be effective in this area, but I ventured forth with an open mind. After a few recipe tries, I found something that works for me. It stands up well to a 3 mile walk and smells nice. It’s easy to do and has just a few ingredients that are readily accessible.

1/2 c. Arrowroot (or cornstarch)

2 TBSP. Baking Soda (sometimes can be irritating, so adjust measurement as needed)

1 TBSP. Body Cream, or lotion

1 tsp. Beeswax (to solidify)

2 TBPS. Coconut Oil (to solidify)

Essential Oils for scent

Directions: Combine all ingredients until pasty and pack into an empty deodorant tube. Allow to set in fridge overnight. The deodorant may “melt” some in warm weather. If this happens, keep it in the frig, and u se more beeswax on the next batch. If the deodorant becomes to dry, use less beeswax in the next batch. If the deodorant itches, or burns when applied, it is likely a reaction to the baking soda. Use less in the next batch.

I haven’t purchased a tube of deodorant in six months! Baby steps, but just one more way to reduce plastic usage.

Easy recipe for home made deodorant.

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