Tuna Mac – A Dollar Store Hack

A box of mac and cheese, a can of tuna and a cup of frozen peas.

In June, my car decided not to start anymore. Because I have been working at home, I decided not to fix it right away. Instead, I am walking the trails near my house to the nearest strip mall where there is a grocery store and a Dollar Tree. The trip is a little over 3 miles and has given me an opportunity to exercise during this time of social isolation.

It has also opened my eyes to the limited availability of grocery items in many neighborhoods. Finding ways to feed a family on a budget has been an important skill the last six months, or so, especially with limited options to find ingredients for recipes.

This tuna mac is one of the dollar store meals I make when I’m trying to save funds. The tuna and mac are both from the dollar store, and the butter and peas I got at the supermarket. I especially like the crispy panko crust baked onto the tuna casserole.

Here is my Tuna Mac- the Dollar Store Hack:

Make a box of mac and cheese. I like the shells because they cradle the peas nicely.

Add a can of tuna and a cup of frozen peas.

Combine 1c. panko with 3 Tbsp. butter and top pasta. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes until golden brown.

A quick dinner of cheesy noodles, tuna, peas and crispy panko topping.

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