DIY Disinfecting Wipes

As the Coronavirus rages on, disinfecting wipes are in demand. Parents and Teachers, especially are jonesing for some of that righteous bleach on synthetic fibers to wipe away the germs and protect their kids, right?

Those synthetic wipes aren’t necessarily compostable, and with an increase of single use products, those well-intentioned germ killers are, in fact, creating an environmental problem that will plague generations to come.

I protected you from Covid germs, but not from environmental degradation. Love Ya!

Because most “wipes” are composed of 75% polyester, it could take 100 years for them to decompose. Enough said.

So what can a person do to prevent handing down this legacy of environmental damage? It’s simple… use what you have on hand and incorporate environmentally conscious ingredients that you likely have on hand right now.

Here is a simple recipe to make your own disinfecting wipes using upcycled fabric and relatively safe chemicals to clean up the germs and preserve the integrity of our land and water.


2-3 parts disinfectant – a minimum of 60% is required to kill germs (vinegar or isopropyl alcohol (or grain alcohol!) – bleach, if you must, but at a lower concentration)

1 part water

Any scent of essential oil, optional and to your personal preference for scent

Reusable cloth such as old t shirts, dishcloths, or even cut up socks

I used some old t shirts and soaked them in the solution until I was ready to use them. After use, put them in the same laundry as kitchen linens or put in a bucket until laundry day. Once they have been washed and air dried, back into the solution they go! The solution can be topped off as needed and the cloths can be used until they literally fall apart.

So if you absolutely NEED disinfecting wipes, think about using this easy recipe to keep your home clean and germ-free. The side effect will be feeling good for preserving the environment for future generations… and yes, you will save money!!

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